Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Common Sense on the Charlie Hebdo Backlash...

... from the 10 January letter by Shane Chester of Potts Point in the Sydney Morning Herald:

"As a person of no religion, I don't understand the humour in depicting figures of veneration with objects inserted in their anus. I don't get why all the Muslims I know, who are absolutely wonderful people, will be attacked, sometimes physically, or expected to apologise because some psychopath shouts the name of Allah. I never saw a headline where Jewish leaders apologised for Israel's acts of terrorism. I don't understand why millions who know nothing about the Koran and have never knowingly met a Muslim, continue to vilify Muslims on social media. I think these are also fundamentalists, just as involved in the terrorism as any idiot with a black flag or any government slyly cultivating anti-Muslim votes. As Father Rod Bower, of Gosford, said, 'The Islamophobe is the terrorists' greatest supporter and most effective recruiter'."

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