Thursday, January 29, 2015

Et Tu, Greg?

We live in interesting times.

Greg Sheridan, Tony Abbott's Partner In Crime (Monash U, 1977*) and Suppository of All Wisdom, the foreign editor of Murdoch's Australian and (self-styled) Most Influential Foreign Affairs Analyst in Australia, is now pointing the bone at his erstwhile (?) bosom buddy:

"Giving Prince Philip an Australian knighthood is the worst decision of Tony Abbott's prime ministership." (A decision both dumb & dumber, 28/1/15)

What? Worse than last year's horror budget? Worse than Operation Sovereign Borders? Worse than...

But I digress:

"It is wrong in principle... There is no place for knights and dames in Australian honours... They correspond to no Australian social reality. They have no general acceptance or broad legitimacy within Australia."

Et tu, Greg?

Of course, if only Abbott had knighted Netanyahu instead, or - like Sheridan (2007) - had received Israel's Jerusalem Prize, Sheridan would be heaping praise on him, and justifying it on the grounds that 'it corresponds perfectly to Australia's current foreign affairs reality.'

[*See my 13/9/12 post Greg & Tony Do Monash 1.]


Grappler said...

To be precise, MERC, Sheridan received the Jerusalem Prize of the
State Zionist Council of NSW, just as Julia received the Jerusalem Prize of the State Zionist Council of Victoria.

MERC said...

Actually, from the state Zionist councils, the Zionist Federation of Australia and the World Zionist Organisation, the latter being a legal entity of the state of Israel.

Grappler said...

Thanks for clarifying MERC. The status of the Jerusalem Prize seems be about as clear as Israel's borders.

patrick connor said...

Greg has rather cemented himself into that mold & that role, & his livelihood now depends on it .
He & his newspaper are in the PR business - not the News business .

patrick connor said...

Grappler : And as safe as a frog in a nest of vipers .

Grappler said...

@patrick - my more intelligent right wing friends are even beginning to see the Australian for the rag it is.

Anonymous said...

It should be called the OCCUPIED Jerusalem booby prize.

patrick connor said...

Grappler :
Fishwrap .