Saturday, September 26, 2015

Don't Mention the ('I'm Jewish from Israel') Woman

One of the most interesting aspects of the latest example of racial vilification filmed on Sydney's public transport network, that involving victim Lindsay Li and the 'I'm Jewish from Israel' perpetrator, has been the press coverage:


"A Chinese-Australian woman, subjected to a slew of racial abuse on a Sydney bus, pleaded for help from the driver but says no one came to her aid. Lindsay Li was waiting in Willoughby for the city-bound 273 bus at lunchtime on Wednesday when she says an older woman came up to her, spat on her and struck her with her shopping trolley, before pushing ahead of her to get on to the bus when it pulled up. When the woman reeled around on the bus and began throwing racist insults at Ms Li, the younger woman pulled out her phone and began filming... In Wednesday's video, the older woman calls Ms Li a ' ugly chink,' and accuses her of selling drugs. 'We all know what you are, China...'Take your language and piss off, f... chink,' she says. 'I'm Jewish from Israel and you are nothing.' (Racist tirade on Sydney bus rattles Chinese-Australian woman, Inga Ting/Kate Aubusson, 25/9/15)


The Australian (25/9) - NOTHING
The Daily Telegraph (25/9) - NOTHING
(I see now (29/9) that the DT website has the following report by Ben McClellan: Woman charged over racist spitting attacks on trains and buses at North Sydney, Bondi Junction, Edgecliff, Parramatta and Hornsby (25/9). There is no mention in it, however, of the 'Jewish from Israel' line.)
The Advertiser (Adelaide) (25/9) - Reported the story, but without the 'Jewish from Israel' bit.

Yahoo News:

"Lindsay Li was on a bus in Willoughby when an alleged 'Jew from Israel' gave her a mouthful of racial abuse." ('P... Off chink': Australian woman cops disgraceful racist tirade on Sydney bus, Krystal Johnson,, 25/9/15)

Guardian Australia (25/9) - NOTHING

Daily Mail Online:

"The expletive-laden spray concluded with the lady [?!] spitting out: 'I'm Jewish from Israel... and you are nothing.'" (The most offensive woman on public transport: Passenger unleashes a racist tirade.., Daniel Peters, 25/9/15)

Leaving aside the perpetrator's claim, which may or may not be true, the question is: Why have Murdoch and Guardian Australia avoided this story?

Watch this space...

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