Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Some Things Never Change

Have the tectonic plates of Australian politics shifted, as Mike Carlton said in a recent tweet?

Not really.

Some things never change:

"It wouldn't matter whether it was John Howard or Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott in the prime minister's chair... [the Israelis] know they've got us by the balls... partly by the strength of the Israel lobby..." (Peter Hartcher quoting an anonymous Australian official in Betrayed PM should not be taken for granted by Israel, Sydney Morning Herald, 26/2/10)

As for Australia's new prime minister, Lord Turnbull, remember my 25/8/15 post, Malcolm Turnbull in a Nutshell? Here it is again:

All you need to know about the Liberal Party's Great White Hope, Malcolm Turnbull:

"We see ourselves as having shared values with Israel. We see Israel as being in the first trench... in the first line of battle against extremists and terrorism. We are definitely on the same side. We are determined to provide all the support we can to ensure that Israel remains a Jewish State within secure borders." (Turnbull speaking at the Zionist Federation of Australia's Plenary Conference on August 16. ZFA conversation, jwire.com.au, 17/8/15)

Change? What change?

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