Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Meet Lord & Lady Turnbull

Lord Turnbull on values:

1) "We see ourselves as having shared values with Israel." (M'Lord speaking to the Zionist Federation of Australia, 16/8/15)

2) "We also need to remember that the Liberal Party has the right values." ('We have to change for our country's sake', Lord Turnbull's party room pitch for the top job, Sydney Morning Herald, 15/9/15)

Could M'Lord be any clearer? His party believes in ethnic cleansing, occupation and apartheid.

I'm so glad SMH journalist Matthew Knott put quotation marks around the words real world

"[N]o politician can match Turnbull's list of achievements in the 'real world'. He's been a journalist with The Bulletin, an adviser to Kerry Packer, the swashbuckling lawyer defending free speech in the Spycatcher case, a Goldman Sachs investment banker and a venture capitalist." (Prince of Point Piper ready to be crowned king, 15/9/15)

And Lady Lucinda?

"The couple have amassed a sizeable fortune, and live in a waterfront mansion in the exclusive suburb of Point Piper." (Meet Turnbull's secret weapon, Nicole Hasham, Sydney Morning Herald, 15/9/15)

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