Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dr Nelson & Lord Turnbull

They can't both be right:

M'Lord Turnbull:

"'The important thing is to have the emotional intelligence and the empathy and the imagination that enables you to walk in somebody else's shoes,' he said when asked how he would relate to ordinary Australians. 'To be able to sit down with them on a train or in the street, hear their story, and have the imagination to understand how they feel. Emotional intelligence is probably the most important asset for - certainly for anyone in my line of work." (Malcolm Turnbull on ABC's 7.30 to display 'emotional intelligence', Matthew Knott, Sydney Morning Herald, 22/9/15)

Dr Nelson:

"On only one subject does [Brendan] Nelson's equanimity dissolve - the man who unseated him as Opposition Leader. Nelson repeatedly avows that he will not criticise Malcolm Turnbull, but he cannot help himself. 'I'm not vindictive. I don't lie awake at night with a chip on my shoulder. But he's a person who wants to tempt you in that direction.' Nelson manages some restraint: 'If you had any idea of what he said to me over those 10 months [of Nelson's leadership], you would be shocked.' Such as? Nelson resists: 'Maybe one day, maybe in a few years.' Yet the former medical practitioner feels the need to diagnose Malcolm Turnbull's condition. Says Dr Nelson: 'You need to look up narcissistic personality disorder. There's about 5% of the population who are born with narcissistic traits, and about 2% have narcissism. He's got narcissistic personality disorder. 'He says the most appalling things and can't understand why people get upset. He has no empathy." (Doctor out of the house: Nelson's final diagnosis, Peter Hartcher, Sydney Morning Herald, 29/8/09)

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