Thursday, September 17, 2015

What's Your Problem, Mr Fishman?

"Malcolm Turnbull should be worried, very worried. At the next federal election Liberal Wentworth, while not deciding who will be prime minister, may yet be able to decide who is not prime minister." George Fishman, Vaucluse, Sydney Morning Herald, 16/9/15


C'mon, George, you old grump, what's not to like mit Malcolm? Let me count the ways:

1) His 2004 Maiden Speech:

"Wentworth has the largest Jewish community in our city. The community has grown stronger with successive waves of immigration from Europe, from Russia, from Israel and from South Africa. Their generous community spirit, their family pride and tireless enterprise are admired by all of us. Australia is a good friend of Israel, the Middle East's only democracy. We have been resolute in supporting Israel's right to take the necessary steps to defend itself from terror. The death of Arafat has now opened up new opportunities for peace based on the roadmap - two states within secure, internationally recognised boundaries. We must hope and pray that all parties, in the words of King David's 34th Psalm, do not merely 'seek' peace but 'pursue' it."

2) His Yiddishe Momme:

"'My mother always used to say that her mother's family was Jewish'... Asked if his mother's revelation has shaped his views he aid: 'Yes, maybe'." (Menachem Mendel Turnbull?, 29/8/13)

3) His Rambamming:

"Malcolm Turnbull is an exceptional friend of the Jewish community and a staunch supporter of Israel. We are thrilled that he visited Israel and had AIJAC/Rambam organized meetings in 2005, was a keynote speaker at the Rambam 10-year anniversary celebration in Sydney in 2012 and regularly meets with AIJAC's overseas guests." (AIJAC Executive Director Colin Rubenstein, quoted in Community welcomes Malcolm,, 16/9/15)

4) His talking the talk as the fire & brimstone rained down on that nest of vipers in the Gaza Strip last year:

"Israel risks extinction, Israel faces an existential threat every day... Israel can barely afford to lose a battle let alone a war." (Turnbull defends Israel attacks, Ebony Bowden,, 31/7/14)

5) His BDS be buggered:

"We need to collaborate more with Israel, particularly on matters of science and technology. The more we can do with Israel, the better." (Iran, ISIS, bipartisanship in ZFA spotlight,, 21/8/15)

Fair dinkum, there's just no pleasing some people!

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Anonymous said...

So Malcolm [Menachem] Turnbull could, in theory, thanks to his Yiddishe Momme migrate to the Bandit State, become a duall national, thanks to Josh Frydenberg's Sothern Cross Group lobbying to change the laws so Australian born citizens can aquire dual nationality. Could Malcolm [Menachem] then run for public office as, for example, the leader of Likud?

Merc, is this so? Is this real? Has Malcolm [Menachem] Turnbull indicated his ancestry will influence his decisions regarding the best interests of AUSTRALIA?

Where as a Palestinian property owner, title deeds in hand, born in Haifa, whose family owned the property for generations, ejected from country to country and denied any nationality can not return to the land of his or her birth.

Would the denial of the Palestinian property owners rights be on account of religion or race?

Has Malcolm [Menachem] Turnbull ever read Section 43 and 44 (1.) of The Constitution?