Wednesday, September 23, 2015

From Pig in a Poke to Pokin' a Pig

Placing your (not yet) parliamentary member into a dead pig's mouth while at university is one thing, but recycling Netanyahu's PORKIES is in a different league altogether.

Here's UK PM David Cameron doing just that earlier this year:

"Obviously we regret the loss of life wherever it takes place, but I do think there's an important difference - as Prime Minister Netanyahu put it: Israel uses its weapons to defend its people and Hamas uses its people to defend its weapons." (British PM offers defense of Israeli attacks in Gaza,, 29/4/15)

Eeeuw... and all the excuse I need to TROT out the latest quality tweets on this Tory twit:

I did not have sexual relations with that pig! - Ken Roche

Was there lipstick on the pig? - George Galloway

Lock up your sows... - George Galloway

Cameron: Why weren't you singing?
Corbyn: I felt safer with my mouth shut. - DOOGZ

Cameron: Where are the corgis?
Queen: I thought it best I hide them. - Taigs

According to YouGov 89% of Tory voters 'couldn't care less' that the PM had sex with a dead pig. Blimey... - George Galloway

Cameron: Mr President, can you hear me?
Obama: Yes, David, but there's some crackling on your end... - Buffalo Tendencies

SCANDAL: Jeremy Corbyn plunged into fresh outrage as it emerged the left-wing republican Labour leader REFUSED to fuck a dead pig. - The DM Reporter

And check out these 3 little pig hashtags: #piggate, #snoutrage, #hameron

Aren't they adorable?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Imagine the sustained outrage if witnesses caught out Jeremy Corbyn in flagrante delicto with a dead pig.

I suspect that criminal prosecution would swiftly follow and a shrill campaign to drive out the disturbed and perverted nutcase from politics by the Murdoch press. But it was not Jeremy Corbyn caught out.

For David Cameron, the self described descendant of Moses, it is time to go, for the reputation of your country, just go.

What is it about British politicians and sex ? That is if the David Cameron perversion could loosely be described as sex. Have the British public become innured to these freaks ?