Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Captain Quint & the Shark

The thin line between American politics and Hollywood has been crossed. If Ronald Reagan was a second-rate actor, Trump and Clinton are second-rate movie characters:

"[Fox News' Megyn] Kelly cheerfully flicks the apocalyptic comments [of Newt Gingrich] to former governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee, the Christian hardliner who Trump knocked out of the Republican nomination race early on. She suggests to Huckabee that if he doesn't get behind Trump and 'fight tooth and nail,' it could cause recriminations within the party for years to come. 'That's exactly right, Megyn,' says Huckabee obediently. He later adds, '[Trump's] like Captain Quint in the original movie Jaws. He's vulgar, he's salty, he might even get drunk... he's the guy who's gonna save your butt and save your family. And so at the end of the day, when he kills the shark, you're happy about it. Now, Hillary is the shark. She's gonna eat your boat, she's gonna have open borders, immigration out the kazoo, and so the choice is, do you vote for Captain Quint, who's gonna save your family, or do you vote for the shark?' (Huckabee doesn't know Jaws well enough. Captain Quint ends up being eaten.)" ('I saw the slow death of democracy by a thousand cuts of the stupid and the vilr...', Nick O'Malley & Josephine Tovey, The Good Weekend, 29/10/16)

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