Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Latest Rambotic Drivel...

... from the latest bunch of Rambots to take the bait earlier this month and report back:

James Massola (Fairfax): "Peace... is an abstract notion, something that everyone would like. The talks that are underway at the moment are really lip service and are unlikely to go anywhere in the short-term... I did see that there are some green shoots, some causes for optimism there. The vast majority of Israelis do actually sit for peace and a two-state solution." (Journalists report back on their mission to Israel,, 23/11/16)

That's right, James, they sit for peace and stand for occupation.

I assume that jwire is paraphrasing James here:

"Causes for such optimism include a community-based initiative called Roots which attempts to sort out grievances such as safety and community issues in the West Bank. The organisation aims to shift violence and disputes towards trust, empathy and mutual support between Palestinians and Israelis."

Grievances such as safety and community issues...

But not grievances like Israeli occupation boots on Palestinian necks?

Shift violence and disputes...

But not occupying Israeli troops and settlers out of the West Bank?

My God, if CHIEF POLITICAL REPORTER Massola hasn't got what it takes to see this kind of window-dressing for what it is, why would you bother reading any of his reports in the Sydney Morning Herald?

Luke Malpass (Australian Financial Review): "Being on the ground and understanding the very human pressures that are faced was completely invaluable. And I look on the conflict and the achievement of the Jewish State of 70 years to build itself up out of the desert very differently."

*Sigh* Poor old Luke... still hooked on that hoary old 'making the desert bloom' line.

9 Rambots attended, but the only other names we get from jwire are these:

Andrew Clennell (Daily Telegraph)
Calliste Weitenberg (SBS)
Amelia Brace (Channel 7)
Anthony Klan (The Australian)
Vish Wishwanathan (The Indian Telegraph)

SO WHO ARE THE OTHER 2 NO-SHOWS? Just along for the ride? Just couldn't bring themselves to mouth the words? ('So sorry, Vic, I'm down with a bug.')

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Grappler said...

"The vast majority of Israelis do actually sit for peace and a two-state solution."

And then they elected this guy:

I think I know where they sit for peace!