Thursday, November 10, 2016

So What's in It for Israel?

Trump's election may have been the greatest ever F***YOU vote of our time... but over in Israel, the movers and shakers (of Palestinians) are wetting themselves, not only in anticipation of what's already in the pipeline, but, undoubtedly, what they feel they can now get away with in the years ahead. So what's in the pipeline as we speak?:

"Israeli government ministers and political figures are pushing the US president-elect, Donald Trump, to quickly fulfill his campaign promise to overturn decades of US foreign policy and recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital and to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv. Their calls come as one of Trump's advisers on Israel and the Middle East*, David Friedman, told the Jerusalem Post Trump would follow through on his promise. 'It was a campaign promise and there is every intention to keep it,' Friedman said. 'We are going to see a very different relationship between America and Israel in a positive way.'

"Other political figures - including Israel's controversial far-right education minister, Naftali Bennett - went further, suggesting that Trump's election should signal the end of the two-state solution and aspirations for a Palestinian state. The US election campaign has been closely watched in Israel, not least Trump's promise to scrap the Iran nuclear deal drawn up by Barack Obama and fiercely opposed by the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Indeed, during his campaign Trump slammed the Iran deal, describing it as 'the stupidest deal of all time', and vowing to tear it up.

"During the campaign Trump also promised to be Israel's 'closest friend', and has indicated that he would take a different approach to Israel's settlement-building in the occupied territories - long condemned by successive US governments." (Trump has 'every intention' of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Peter Beaumont, The Guardian, 10/11/16)

[*Hark the phrase: "one of Trump's advisers on Israel and the Middle East" Note the word order: ISRAEL and the middle east. And Friedman's only ONE of these buggers FFS!]

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Grappler said...

Yes I've read what he intends to do but can he? Ending the two-state solution means declaring apartheid. That would trigger condemnation across Europe. The clever trick Israel has used over the last 50 years or so is to hover between the one-state and two-state solutions. Once it says "one-state" then its democratic credentials will be open to serious scrutiny. I think that at least part of the vote for Trump might have been a response to the pro-Zionist establishment that has run the US for a while. He'll want to be a two-term president. If he doesn't rein that in, he won't.

As to the Iran deal, it is not a treaty between the US and Iran. It has 6 other signatory countries: the permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany. Russia and China will not want to unravel the Iran deal, and I think the non-Anglo European countries are getting tired of US sanctions on any country it dislikes. They are inhibiting, in particular, German trade. Meanwhile BRICS is talking of a new global currency.

Grappler being an optimist.