Wednesday, November 9, 2016

You Wouldn't Read About It


"Australia's eight most active environmental groups with tax-exempt status pulled in $83 million last year and received almost three quarters of a billion dollars in the past decade... The use of tax-exempt charity status to fund environmental challenges to developments through the courts and public campaigns has become a major concern within the government, the Australian Taxation Office as well as in the US. Environmental groups and US-based billion-dollar foundations have used charity status to help fund their actions, funnelling funds to groups without tax exemptions and hiding donors." (Green groups' $685m windfall over decade, Joe Kelly/Dennis Shanahan, The Australian, 1/11/16)

Uh-huh... so environmental groups who are trying to prevent Australia being raped, pillaged and plundered by assorted corporate rapists, pillagers and plunderers need to be stopped. And who are they? I hear you ask.

The guilty-as-hell are all there in The Australian as follows: Greenpeace, WWF Australia, Friends of the Earth Australia, The Sunrise Project, Lock the Gate Alliance, 350 Australia, ACF and the Wilderness Society.

But wait, where's the tax-exempt 'environmental charity', JNF Environmental Association of Australia Inc?* Why aren't they on the Murdoch hitlist?

Well, if I may hazard a guess, it's probably because they're off doing sterling work... in Israel. 

For example:

"An upgraded clubhouse for lone soldiers who have immigrated to Israel without their parents has been established in Raanana with the support of JNF Australia and the Bolot family of Sydney, Auckland and London." (Bolot family supports lone soldier clubhouse,, 9/3/16)

Or maybe they're hosting hot Israeli generals at their Gala Dinners who talk about cool things like the 1976 "Entebbe rescue operation" and how it "symbolises the best of the IDF, its courage, its values and its integrity." (Mofaz addresses JNF Gala Dinner,, 12/9/16)

[*See my 21/5/15 post The Last 'Australian Environmental Charity' Left Standing?]

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