Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Glen Le Lievre: Cartoonist of the Year

Some good news:

"The Sun-Herald's Glen Le Lievre has been crowned cartoonist of the year, winning the Gold Stanley at the annual Stanley Awards in Parramatta on Saturday night. It comes after he was named a finalist in the Walkley Awards for two of his Herald cartoons." (Sun-Herald cartoonist tops, The Sun-Herald, 13/11/16)

No commentator on political affairs is worth the time of day unless he/she passes the Palestine/Israel test. In the field of political cartooning, Glen Le Lievre, like Michael Leunig before him, has passed that test with flying colours. So congratulations, Glen, on your well-deserved award.

For the trials and tribulations of Glen Le Lievre on this subject, simply click on the Le Lievre label below and familiarise/ re-familiarise yourself with the whole sorry saga of the risks involved in telling the plain truth about Palestine/Israel in Australia's mainstream media.

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