Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Asad Wins a Heart at The Australian

Trump's sudden reversal on US involvement in Syria has really set the proverbial cat among the Trumpista pigeons. Check out Jennifer (Thank God for Israel) Oriel's latest emission, Reckless West could unleash jihadist hell in Syria. Bashar al-Asad has never before looked this good in the Murdoch press:

"The US has launched a pre-emptive strike on a foreign nation. President Donald Trump ordered the missile strike without an independent investigation into allegations that the Syrian government used chemical weapons. The US strike against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad signals a return to interventionist foreign policy. While the Western press and politicians have celebrated Trump's decision, America's tactical military victory risks destabilising the Syrian government and empowering our jihadist enemies."  

"The acquired Western habit of deposing foreign heads of state has not yielded a net benefit for the free world. It has left the Western world in a state of deep debt by fighting wars we cannot win. It has empowered jihadist groups across the Middle East and contributed to refugee crises that push Islamists into the WestWhatever the West feels about Assad, we must recognise that he is a third-term president elected by his people. His recorded approval rating is very high. If Western leaders want to unseat Assad, they must establish an evidence-based case and seek the prior consent of the Syrian people by democratic election." (The Australian, 10/4/17)

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Grappler said...

This is amazing - no "brutal dictator" but, correctly, an elected president, and incidentally one who has offered a peaceful transition to more representative government - an offer rejected by the West. When is the US going to have a peaceful transition to a more representative government? Perhaps the shift is because yesterday a missile was launched into Southern Israel for which ISIS claimed responsibility. Israel may find that by supporting the jihadists in Syria (which it has), it may have helped unleash something it cannot control.