Thursday, April 6, 2017

Bored with Gallipoli? Then Try...

Another interesting ad. This time in Monday's Australian:

Oct 22-Nov 3, 2017

On 31 October, 1917, the strategic town of Beersheba was captured by the Australian Light Horse Brigades in a helter skelter great cavalry charge, with the Lighthorsemen armed only with rifles and bayonets.
Join Military History Tours as we follow the campaign of the Australian Light Horse in Palestine (now Israel) during the First World War. This is a special tour is [sic] developed in the hope that we will, in a small way, ensure that this part of Australia's history is not forgotten as we visit the battle sites, each with an informative briefing, meet the local dignitaries who maintain our military heritage and pay our respects at the resting places of our fallen.

To register for attendance pass, visit
For more information call 1300 364 671 or visit
Limited spaces left. Book now to avoid disappointment.


See my 23/6/13 post How Palestinian Beersheba Became Israeli Be'er Sheva

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