Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Molan Rattles the Sabre for Israel

Vintage Jim Molan... strutting Israel's stuff on the opinion page of yesterday's Australian:

"Everything that is concerning about the Middle East could now manifest itself on the southern Lebanese border... Iran, which finances Hezbollah to at least 80% of its annual $US1 billion budget, is achieving its grand geo-strategic aims by influence, aid and proxies in the failed states of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon." (Puppet-state Lebanon a pawn for ambitious Iran)

Oh, really? If Iraq is a "failed state," who then is responsible?

Moylan, of course! As his appended bio states, "Jim Molan is a retired army officer who served as chief of operations in Iraq..."

And if Syria ever becomes a "failed state," it'll only be because the Americans, their allies, and their various jihadi proxies, will have succeeded in toppling Asad - as with Saddam and Gaddafi in Iraq and Libya respectively.

As for Lebanon, the only thing that stands in the way of it becoming an Israeli colony is the determined resistance of Hezbollah, which emerged as the spearhead of Lebanon's national resistance to Israel's 1982-2000 occupation of south Lebanon.

Let's be clear here: the only grand plan at play in the Middle East today is Israel's. The Middle East's only apartheid state, financed by its US proxy to the tune of $US3 billion plus annually, and armed to the teeth with its proxy's weapons of mass destruction, wants a balkanised Arab world over which it has undisputed hegemony.

And here's Molan, almost salivating at the prospect of Israel's next rampage in Lebanon:

"[Iran's] most reliable proxy is Hezbollah, which has had thousands fight in Syria... The skills and experience gained by Hezbollah in Syria will be brought back to Lebanon for use when Iran next wants trouble to occur... Of course Israel will not stand for this. It is poised and ready, as I saw in a recent Israeli-sponsored trip to its northern border. If Hezbollah starts something, then Israel is likely to see the Lebanese government, people and supporting infrastructure as one with Hezbollah, and all as legal targets for the best air force in the world... If Israel replies to Hezbollah provocation, it will take a decade for Lebanon to recover."

Lebanon and its people as "legal targets for the best air force in the world." Chilling.

Thank God Abbott's "Special Envoy for Sovereign Borders" failed in his bid to win a Senate seat for the Liberals in the 2016 election.


Grappler said...

"when Iran next wants trouble to occur". When did Iran mount an aggressive war in the last 200 years?
And why wouldn't the Lebanese people turn to Iran for help with loonies like this around:


Anonymous said...

Trying to drum up some misdirected nationalionistic fervour perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Notice how Molan identifies the original aggressor In advance : "if Israel replies to Hezbollah provocations..."

Molan can't wait for another Arab country to be balkanised. The Iraq war was therefore a great success. It achieved the goals set by Tel Aviv and by the client state, the USA. Iraq is divided and at war with disparate forces. There is chaos and Molan can proudly call it a failed state. No longer a military threat to the Bandit State.

Lebanon has never recovered from the many wars inflicted on them by the Bandit State and has never declared war on the Bandit State. However Molan has nevertheless identified Lebanon as the original aggressor in advance.