Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ditzy Doctor Gets a Drubbing

Guardian Australia's on an anti-Bashar/Asma kick at the moment. Even their good doctor, Ranjana Srivastava, who normally dispenses only medical advice, is now getting in on the act:

"Preparing dinner, I bite my tongue as images of the latest atrocity in Syria flashes on the screen. 'Isn't he a doctor too?' my daughter asks. 'Yes,' I cringe at the 'too' and rededicate myself to the carrots." (Bashar al-Assad trained as a doctor. How did he become a mass murderer? 18/4/17)

But, as it happens, Dr Srivastava found herself being rapped over the knuckles by hundreds of readers, who were having none of her nonsense. Here's my favorite example:

"Ms. Srivastava, maybe you should have said to your daughter: 'We don't know who is responsible for the gas attack, as yet. There has to be an investigation, and that hasn't started yet. Sometimes the news on the telly is not accurate. We will have to wait and see before we rush to judgement. It's a bit like me at work. I have to investigate, run tests and examine before I make a diagnosis. That's the way we do things in a civilised world. Now, eat your carrots'."

I for one won't be holding my breath for Dr Srivastava's reflections on... Kashmir.

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