Thursday, April 13, 2017

Planet Janet Transmitting:

"Just imagine if any Arab leader with genuine vision for his region said: 'Enough. We must settle this centuries-old conflict that dates back to AD632 fought in the name of Mohammed over his rightful heir. We must resolve the violent schism between Sunni and Shia that has seen Muslims killing Muslims for thousands of years. We must settle, once and for all, the proxy war being fought in Syria as part of a wider battle for the heart and soul of Islam and geopolitical power across the Middle East. For the sake of Arab people, solving the conflict in Syria is our responsibility. As part of this resolution we call on Iran, we call on Hezbollah and Hamas to recognise Israel as the legitimate homeland of the Jewish people. Existential threats against all peoples must be condemned as the necessary step to an enduring peace in our own homelands'." (Islam's local derby is for them to resolve, Janet Albrechtsen, The Australian, 12/4/17)

Wherein the thriving business of knowing nothing, but saying it anyway is taken to new, stratospheric, heights.


Grappler said...

What a heap of s**t! Here's a more honest perspective on the Sunni-Shia division

Anonymous said...

It is nauseating to read such shameless propaganda.