Saturday, November 27, 2010

How Zionist are The Greens?

"If we wish to found a State today, we shall not do it in the way which would have been the only possible one a thousand years ago. It is foolish to revert to old stages of civilization, as many Zionists would like to do. Supposing, for example, we were obliged to clear a country of wild beasts, we should not set about the task in the fashion of Europeans of the fifth century. We should not take spear and lance and go out singly in pursuit of bears; we would organize a large and active hunting party, drive the animals together, and throw a melinite bomb into their midst." (Theodor Herzl, The Jewish State, 1896, pp 93-94)

Yeah... right, Theo. And today your large and active hunting party is called the IDF. It has driven the bears into a small (Gaza) strip of land and routinely throws bombs of all varieties into their midst.

Which talk of bears brings me to The Greens:

"I have just received a circular letter from Michael Danby MP in support of Martin Foley as the Labor candidate for Albert Park in the forthcoming state election. It's a perfectly good letter, outlining Mr Foley's excellent track record and promising more of the same in the future. But why did Mr Danby have to ruin it by adding this PS: 'Remember if you vote Liberal, your preferences could go to the anti-Israel Greens political party'? Well, of course they could. But where's the evidence that The Greens, which has many Jewish members, is 'anti-Israel'?" Steve Brook Elwood, Vic (The Australian Jewish News, 26/11/10)


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