Monday, November 15, 2010

Send in the Clown

Unrequited Love:

"[Foreign Minister] Kevin Rudd gatecrashed the special ABC television broadcast with Hilary Clinton on the weekend, demanding a place in the heavily promoted event to share the limelight with the US Secretary of State, an official said... An Australian official familiar with the event said Mr Rudd had stridently demanded plans be changed to include him. 'The behaviour was disgusting and he deserves to be called on it', the official told The Age." (Rudd ruffles feathers to be in Clinton limelight, Daniel Flitton, Sydney Morning Herald, 10/11/10)

Pot Calls Kettle Black:

"Kevin Rudd yesterday warned China that its association with 'obnoxious regimes' such as Burma risked damaging its global standing." (Ties to rogue regimes hurting China: Rudd, Samantha Maiden, The Australian, 15/11/10)

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Anonymous said...

Could poor Kevin be a little stressed out over his first trip to "Israel" as Foreign Minister, that is since he was deposed as P.M., with a number of Labor M.P.'s responsible for his removal for not following the Zionist line on passports, diplomats and the blockade of Gaza? Could Centrebet be right about Bill Shorten as the next Labor leader? Do Kev and Bill sit together on the pilgramage?