Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Only in Today's Australian

A slimeball of 'quality' Murdoch journalism from British radio presenter, journalist and author, Libby Purves, OBE ('for services to journalism'). Purves' racist, Islamophobic bile is beautifully complemented by her hilarious cocking-up of the Arabic language:

"The likelihood is that the vast majority of material being hurled into the limelight by the insouciant Julian Assange will not reveal any actual treacheries or scandals. It will consist mainly of what diplomats call 'frank assessments'. And while Britain can probably forgive and forget a few frank assessments... there is real fear that the touchier countries around the world will be outraged. Especially in the Muslim nations, where it seems to be all right for pretty senior voices to refer to us as kuffa* (non-believers), dogs, infidels, etc, whereas the slightest reservation about anything Islamic is considered an atrocity second only to the Crusades." (Leaking 'frank assessments' a risk to peace, The Times/The Australian)

Batten down the hatches! It's the Danish cartoons all over again!

[*kuffa is the Arabic word for edge, seam, hem, border. The word our 'quality' journalist was looking for was kuffar]

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