Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hm... there's something about the Liberal Party. Can't quite put my finger on it though. Is there a pattern here do you think?:

"Processing asylum-seekers in 'idyllic' areas of Australia was like rolling out the 'red carpet' to people smugglers, Tony Abbott said yesterday. The Opposition Leader capitalised on community anger in the Adelaide Hills over the Gillard government's handling of plans for a new detention centre in the picturesque region... 'I don't get the impression from anyone in this room that this is not an open and welcoming community', Mr Abbott said before spending 90 minutes mingling and chatting with residents, including Holocaust denier Frederick Tobin. 'Tony and I go back a long time, but I am also a concerned citizen', Dr Toben said." (New centre rolls out the red carpet: Abbott, Michael Owen, The Australian, 4/11/10)

"NSW Election Funding Authority records show that Mr [Ashley] Pittard [who is seeking preselection for the safe NSW Liberal seat of Castle Hill] has donated more than $360,000 to the Liberal Party since 2007. The donations have been made both in his name and that of a company Stuka Ltd, of which he is the sole director and secretary." (Castle Hill Liberals man the ramparts in preselection stoush over wealthy donor, Sean Nicholls, Sydney Morning Herald, 5/11/10)

"The Liberal Party is scrambling to find a new candidate for a key country seat just days before the start of the [Victorian] election campaign after the original contender quit amid a race row. Mike Laker, who was running for the seat of Seymour, got busted by a Melbourne radio station spreading rumours the Victorian labor government was going to house 50 Somali families at a new housing estate in the electorate and give them free cars." (Liberal candidate quits after race row, Milanda Rout, The Australian, 1/11/10)

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