Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We Don't Know What Got Into Them

Oh dear!

"A major Jewish charity has apologised for publicising an upcoming event using obscene and offensive imagery. United Israel Appeal (UIA) NSW president Bruce Fink said using one image mocking the torture of prisoners in Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison and another that had the headline 'Suck my Billy's, C**t!' to promote a young adult event was deeply regrettable. Clearly, on this ocassion, the volunteers in Young UIA used some material that was inappropriate, and we took steps immediately to remove it once it came to our attention', Fink said." (UIA retracts offensive promotion, The Australian Jewish News, 12/11/10)

I wish to make five points concerning the above:

The first relates to the deliberate labelling of the Zionist UIA as 'Jewish'. This is par for the Zionist course: when you need a cover for Zionist criminality, reach for the 'Jewish' label. And when the great unwashed fail to properly distinguish between Judaism and Zionism, just howl anti-semitism. Works a treat.

The second relates to the fact that dumb blonde Australia grants the UIA, Israel's central fundraising organisation, tax-exempt charitable status. The mind just goes on boggling.

The third is that Israel, with its dictum that 'the only thing the Arabs understand is force' and its history of anti-Arab dehumanisation and torture, was arguably the primary ideological and practical force for what went on in Abu Ghraib, which helps explain the moral vacuum in which the Young UIA operate. The Lieberman generation?

The fourth is that, if an Arab/Muslim organisation had perpetrated such an 'advertisement', the Murdoch press and the shock jocks of radio and television would have dined out on it forever and a day. Typically, the matter was reported only in The Australian Jewish News.

The fifth is that the apartheid Zionist project is the ultimate obscenity. Young UIA's promotional material is just a chip off the old block.


Anonymous said...

Point 3, "the primary ideological and practical force for what went on in Abu Ghraib"

A Google search for "John Israel" finds thousands of entries starting with Jason Raimondo's "Who is John Israel?"
Answer; named in the Taguba report and described by Raimondo as "the torturer of Abu Ghraib"

Couldn't be more ideological and practical.

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Syd Walker said...

Each point brilliantly made, but if I had to choose, No 1 is so well stated it should be turned into a billboard poster :-)