Monday, November 8, 2010

Lock Up Your Daughters!

Australians are a weird mob.

American troops, who routinely visit murder, rape, pillage and plunder on brown people - with Australian assistance of course - are welcome: "Australia has agreed to a major escalation of military cooperation with the US, including more visits by American ships, aircraft and troops and their forces exercising here regularly." (US forces get nod to share our bases, Brendan Nicholson, The Australian, 6/11/10)

But when brown people try to flee said murder, rape, pillage and plunder by jumping on boats and seeking refuge here, Australians are up in arms: "[Northam, WA] resident John Edwards, who lives 200 metres from the [proposed detention centre] site, also expressed concern about safety, saying the three-metre-high security fence would not prevent [asylum seekers] from jumping. 'If they jump that fence, they're going to steal my car, they're going to attack my wife and make their way to Perth and join with groups of their kind', he said." (Northam fires up over detention centre,, 5/11/10)

Mr Edwards is worried about nothing, of course. However, when the Yanks arrive, I'd seriously advise him to lock up his wife and daughters.

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brian said...

Right...ask any Okinawan...they have long experience with US troops:

or as they once said: US troops
Over paid, oversexed and over here