Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Islamophobic Chef

The Australian's Sally Neighbour shows you how to whip up a delicious, long-lasting Islamophobic souffle in no time at all.

Find one fire-breathing Muslim, preferably a convert as these tend to puff up better than the more traditional Middle Eastern Muslim ingredients. Don't bother with Christians or Jews, Islamophobic souffles are the in-thing right now.

Place him on the steps of NSW Parliament House. Whip him up until he's nice and frothy: "I hate the parliament in Canberra. I want to go straight for the jugular vein and advise the parliament that they have no right to legislate. They should immediately step down and let the Muslims take over." (Gillard should step down & 'let the Muslims take over', 20/1/11)

Continue whipping for two more days (Full-bred Aussie with a longing for sharia law, 21/1/11; Over my dead body, 22/1/11) before placing in oven.

When ready, serve with a hot Aussie sauce ("History tells us that if we don't nip this nonsense in the bud now, if we don't fight to retain our freedom and way of life, it will be so much harder later." Grace Bee, Bowral, NSW), or as we here at the Australian prefer, an even hotter Zionist concoction ("If Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon, who advocates extreme Islamist ideology, has lost his 'commonsense', Bill Matthew (Letters, 21/11), and should be ignored, what can be said about the commonsense of the extremist Islamists who advocate violent Jihad and fly planes into buildings? Should they also be ignored?" Henry Herzog, St Kilda East, Vic).

Stand back and watch it go!

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