Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Upstart Nation

What is going on at Fairfax these days?

On Saturday, it was a full page promo of the Israeli ambassador Yuval Rotem (See my 8/1/11 post Media Tart).

Today, it's a fair whack of the opinion page given over to a promo of an Israeli book called Start-Up Nation*, the underlying premise of which is that because young Israelis live in an Upstart Nation and are all given a taste of Shoot-Up in the Israel Defense [sic] Forces, hey presto, Israel's Higher Up the Nasdaq tree than the Arabs (A lesson on employment courtesy of Israeli army, Neer Korn, Sydney Morning Herald).

Now I know the Fairfax papers are doing it tough, and advertising revenue is vital if they're to keep going, but why aren't these promos labelled as such?

[* See my 23/4/10 post Creative Destruction on this little gem.]

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