Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We're All Going to Die!

Zionism's foot soldiers seldom miss a trick. Here, for example, is grizzled veteran, Daniel Lewis, seizing on supposed "threats" to Coptic churches in Australia to sound the alarm and tell us all how the "Australian Jewish community" has to spend serious money on security measures for its 'threatened' institutions:

"The Australian Jewish community spends millions of dollars a year on securing its synagogues, schools and kindergartens with armed guards to protect itself from Islamic terrorism. Now we learn that the Australian Coptic community faces similar threats from Islamist groups. If something isn't done about this now, the only houses of worship which won't require guards and metal detectors in due course, will be mosques." Daniel Lewis, Rushcutters Bay, NSW (Letter to The Australian, 10/1/11)

Very much a rough-end-of-the-pineapple situation you might have thought. Unless, of course, you'd read something like this:

"Speaking at Beth Rivkah Ladies College on Tuesday [27/7/10], Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O'Connor had to compete to be heard over the sound of hammers banging and drills drilling. A very positive noise, he said. And Beth Rivkah is not alone. Over the next few months, Jewish schools across the country will be opening new classrooms, canteens, music rooms, arts centres and staff areas, all partially funded by the [government's $16 billion] stimulus package. The government also announced $15 million more to pay for capital improvements that will secure schools at risk of attacks motivated by race or religion. The Coalition has also committed to the funding if elected... That money is essentially $15 million that schools can now direct to education and support programs, rather than security costs. It is money that has been welcomed by every Jewish school in the country, all of which have already benefited from the original $20 million program, a program the Coalition did not support. Terrorism is a real fear and the Jewish community is an easy target. That is why we have guards outside community institutions, including schools, synagogues and offices, large fences and CCTV. It is a harsh reality that both parties have recognised and they should be thanked for doing so." (Money matters, editorial, The Australian Jewish News, 30/7/10)

Now despite Daniel's failure to indicate the source of the sauce, so to speak, we should not blind ourselves to the very real peril in which Australia's Jewish community now finds itself. For a truly chilling report of fear & loathing at the front lines of the Clash of Civilizations down under, I suggest you read We're All Going to Die at, 29/7/10.

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