Thursday, January 20, 2011

SMH: Relevant & Timely, Not

Utterly clueless and totally irrelevant, in the grand tradition of Sydney Morning Herald editorials on the Middle East:

"Did heavy rain in NSW help bring about the fall of a dictator in North Africa? Those chaos theorists who toyed with the idea of a butterfy's flapping wings setting off a storm halfway round the world might like to play around with the effect of a global grain shortage on Middle East politics." (Downfall shakes the region, 18/1/11)

And here's the concluding sentence: "The longer this stale regime [Egypt] continues, uncriticised and propped up with Western aid, the more unpredictable its political explosion."

Remind you of a certain other stale, uncriticised, propped-up entity?

And BTW, although the Tunisian intifada began on December 17 last year, the Herald's first report on the subject didn't appear until almost a month later, on January 15.

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