Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Rising Tide of Pro-Israel Bias at the ABC

"There is a rising tide of opposition to a plan by a Sydney Council to boycott Israel. The Marrickville Council has joined a global ban of goods and services from Israel over its occupation of the Palestinian territories," announced the reader of ABC TV's 7 pm news last night.

OMG, thought I, a veritable Zionist tsunami, heading straight for plucky little Marrickville Council! I upped the volume control.

"But critics say the council should stick to looking after rates and rubbish and leave foreign policy to Canberra," the newsreader continued. Ah, thought I, no tsunami after all, just critics.

No sooner had I breathed a sigh of relief, however, than the ABC's reporter-on-the-spot had me sweating again as he weighed in with, "Marrickville's anti-Israel boycott is causing a big stir."
Big stir! OMG, it's that rising tide of opposition again!

And then, there it was - rising tide of opposition and big stir all rolled into one (rather ample, I have to say) female form in the person of Rosana Tyler, state Liberal candidate for Marrickville and VP of the Newtown Synagogue.

"I find that most reasonable people are simply against this," she cried, presumably after doorknocking every house in the electorate, sorting out the reasonable from the unreasonable residing therein, asking them, 'Do you support the Greens/Labor/Hamas-dominated Marrickville Council's call for wiping Israel off the map, yes or no?' and completing the required back-of-the-envelope math to arrive at her scientifically impeccable conclusion.

Marrickville Council was by now knee-deep in this rising tide of opposition. But worse was to come when another rising tide of opposition appeared, in the form of a photo of Anthony Albanese, federal Labor Minister for Transport and noted authority on parameters, who was quoted as saying that "Foreign policy is a fair way outside the parameters of the role of Marrickville Council..."

Poor Marrickville Council was treading water by this stage. Another rising tide of opposition and that'd be it! All over, red rover...

Alas, along came a third rising tide of opposition, with someone dubbed "a spokeswoman for the state Minister for Local Government, Barbara Perry" quoted as saying, "Marrickville Council should concentrate on rubbish collection and rates rather than trying to solve the long standing Middle East conflict."

And that was it! Marrickville Council was simply swept away, along with the credibility of the ABC, by the latter's rising tide of pro-Israel bias.

But at least we now know what constitutes a rising tide of opposition at the ABC - 3 critics, at least 2 of whose seats are under threat from The Greens.


RayR said...

The ABC is shamefull of the lack of coverage of the Gaza situation. Where is the equality and independance gone?

Omar Moussa- Auburn said...

ABC is pro-Israel crimes against the Palestinian occupied territories. It will put the doorknock questionaire in a way that makes every person refuses it. That is why we are ashamed with the ABC's biased policy towards the Middle East core problem, Palestine. Be fair and just ABC to gain better respect from the diversed community in Australia.