Saturday, January 15, 2011

Send in the Clown...

Don't bother, he's here:

Can you work this guy - Anthony Albanese, Minister for Transport - out?

Marrickville Council, part of Albo's fiefdom of Grayndler, has dared to make the BDS of Israel part of its practice. However, instead of lauding this perfectly correct, highly commendable and long overdue move, this alleged lefty MP has gone on the attack, presumably under orders from the prime minister. And in Murdoch's Australian of all places! (Local government goes beyond the pale with boycott of Israel, 14/1/11)

Among other things, Albo's accused the Marrickville councillors, both Labor and Greens, of "simplistic sloganeering." And he knows what he's talking about here, because his whining in Murdoch fishwrapper is full of it:

1) "I believe that engagement between peoples promotes understanding and tolerance..."

2) "Surely contact and engagement between Palestinians and Israelis is a precondition for a peaceful settlement."

3) "The inner west of Sydney is... a place where neighbours live in harmony regardless of religion or race."

What can such airy fairy nonsense possibly mean in a context where the vast bulk of Israelis are rusted on to the notion that Palestine is their exclusive domain, and either acquiesce in, or actively support, the colonisation of Palestinian lands (not to mention rejecting the right of Palestinians exiled in 1948 to return to their homes and lands)?

Maybe that should have been Send in the clowns... because in the same edition of Murdoch dropsheet comes this drive-by smear in a letter by Zionist academic Philip Mendes: "Any boycott of Israelis alone is discriminatory given that it is based on an ethnic stereotyping of all Israelis as evil, and is implicitly if not explicitly racist. It is only fascists and xenophobes who classify whole peoples as inherently bad or inferior."

Ever heard a peep from him about Israel's crippling blockade of Gaza*, the BDS measures once applied to apartheid South Africa (of which I assume he would have been in favour at the time), the vile, impoverishing sanctions regime applied by the US against Iraq** or those now in place against Iran?

[* "'As part of their overall embargo plan against Gaza, Israeli officials have confirmed to (US embassy economic officers) on multiple occasions that they intend to keep the Gazan economy on the brink of collapse without 'quite pushing it over the edge', one of the cables read." (WikiLeaks: Israel aimed to keep Gaza economy on brink of collapse, Reuters, Haaretz, 5/1/11); ** 1991-2010]


Anonymous said...

Get a life, and understand that this issue is far to complex for your little mind.
People in Australia will stand by Israel as the best way to support the process and the many Arabs living and working in Israel.
Go to Queensland and help Australians, you will feel better.

MERC said...

That's "far too (not 'to') complicated." And that word "process" refers to what exactly? Your syntax is a problem. When you go back to school and get an education, then you can come back and tell me what to do.

Syd Walker said...

MERC, it's really unfair to pick holes in Anonymous' syntax. I suspect you know perfectly well what he/she/it/they mean/s.

Mind your own sodding business! Get back to the sport on TV! If that's not interactive enough for you, join the SES! Go shopping! Shop on the internet! Chuck aniother prawn on the barbie! Get drunk!

There's so many approved ways to be alive in this country - and you have to go and ruin it all by asking cheeky questions about foreign policy. Not just foreign policy, but Israel Policy.

That's one topic where it really is better to leave things to the experts. Have you had a personal briefing from Albert Dadon? If not, how can you possibly know what you're talking about?

This entire blog is a gross impertinence. How dare an Australian question "the best way to support the process"? Isn't that illegal yet?

Anonymous has spoken. Ours is not to ask the reason why. Ours is... to be grateful for guidance on these very complex matters.

Thankyou, Anonymous, for providing a modicum of balance in this little-minded part of cyberspace. May I be so bold as to ask a few questions of my own? Big minds rarely come here sharing their wisdom.

1/ In your big-minded opinion, is Australia doing enough for the God-approved people of the Chosen Land? (forgive me if my words are clumsy; like MERC, I am only a bear of small-to-medium-sized brain).

2/ How can we do more to better serve The Process?

3/ Does this have anything to do with Process Theology, as first developed by A.N. Whitehead?

Now... I'm off to pray for Israel. After that I shall consume and take a snooze. I'll check back later to see if you've graced this hapless space once again with your blessed and well-chosen words.

If feel active later, I shall consider doing bushfire training. Who knows, I might develop skills that one day may serve Israel? I've noticed that The People of The Process have occasional difficulties putting out fires. Fires must burn Godly-hot over there, as international brigades including Cyprus seem necessary to extinguish the flames.

If I skill up my worthless self in that approved acivity, one day I pray I may be of some small use to people who matter in a land of real importance.

MERC said...

Yes, Syd, Im glad you know your place. As Rabbi Ovadia Yosef recently fatwa-ed:

"Goyim were born to serve us. Without that they have no place in the world - only to serve the people of Israel... Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat." (Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews, Jonah Mandel, Jerusalem Post, 18/10/10)

That must be what anon means when he refers to "the many Arabs living and working in Israel."

So get your sorry gentile arse over there ASAP!

Syd Walker said...

The problem is genetic. Bad sperm in the family. You may share the same defect?

Here's YNet's account

This is Gilad Atzmon's take: And What About the Sperm?. Even though Gilad's dad had the right stuff, he's not too sure about it all, good on him :-)

Yet one has to pity the Israeli leadership really, because chosen is never quite chosen enough it seems - especially if the babies are chosen but dark-skinned.

They are working on that problem scientifically, according to reports

I wonder what on earth Julia Gillard, Albo and the rest of Labor's front bench - some of whom probably cut their political teeth in the anti-partheid struggle - make of it all. Such a shame no one in Parliament or the press gallery ever bothers to ask :-)

brian said...

anon, most people in australia dont support israels repression of the palestinianss...just ask anyone whose heard of the 2008 attacks on gaza