Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blood Grapefruit

If you go out to the supermarket today
You're sure of a great surprise:

"Woolworths announced it would change the way it labels fruit and vegetables the day after the supermarket was listed on the NSW Food Authority's name and shame register for a labelling offence, but said the two were not linked. The food authority fined the Newington branch of Woolworth's $1540 for labelling lemons from the US as being Australian and also fined the Coles store in St Marys $880 for labelling Israeli grapefruit as Australian produce. The two supermarkets were listed on Tuesday in its register that is updated weekly." (Woolies, Coles cop fine for fruit labels, Jen Rosenberg, Sydney Morning Herald, 12/5/11)

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Anonymous said...

The great surprise is that the NSW Food Authority acted at all. I reported dates from the Bandit State mislabeled as 'product of USA', the cardboard box was clearly marked but was smothered with fake grass. The inspector, through gritted teeth and undisguised hostility, inquired if I wanted to know the result. I did. They didn't get back to me. No surprise.

Interestingly,the supermarket was in Bondi Junction where the origin of dates still has to be camouflaged.I buy Iranian dates.