Saturday, May 7, 2011

In Like Flynn

"Australian special forces soldiers have been serving in highly secretive US and British hit squads in Afghanistan, and some have served with the US unit whose troops killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan this week. The Herald has confirmed that since 2001, Australians from the SAS and commando regiments have successfully served on 'third country deployments' alongside some of the most highly-classified, best-trained and well-resourced combat troops in Afghanistan. Crucially, the Australian troops have been refused permission to participate in cross-border raids into Pakistan... Australian soldiers deployed with [US- and British-led 'capture-or-kill' squads] go through a legal process allowing them to operate under another country's flag while ensuring their status as members of the ADF." (Diggers linked to US unit that killed bin Laden, Rafael Epstein, Sydney Morning Herald, 5/5/11)

On why we just can't wait to tag along with the big boys, see my 28/7/10 post 'A Mature Democracy'?.

On Australia and Israeli spooks tiptoeing through the tulips together, see my 28/3/10 post Up to Our Necks.

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