Thursday, May 19, 2011

Miranda Joins the Dots

Rambammed (2010) Murdoch pundit Miranda Devine writing on the 2005 trial of 4 Pakistani-born and -raised brothers convicted of raping non-Muslim women in Sydney in 2002:

"[Dr K] incubated his monsters in one of the most remote and primitive corners of Pakistan, in a small village near the Afghanistan border town of Peshawar where Osama bin Laden lived in the 1980s, plotting against the West*... Police say Dr K, 65, arrived in Australia with a medical degree in the early 1970s, gained local qualifications and became an Australian citizen. He went back to Pakistan to find a wife but, strangely, left her there for the next 30 years while he commuted. His wife bore him 1 daughter and 7 sons. Only when they were approaching adulthood did he bring them to Australia. You have to wonder why he had so little faith in his adopted country that he avoided bringing up his children here. The end result was that the 4 brothers became cultural suicide bombers." (Absent father who bred a gaggle of monsters, The Sun-Herald, 24/7/05)

Obviously, some malign miasma, emanating from Osama bin Laden's person in Peshawar, was enough to infect Dr K's sons with the dreaded CSB virus (although the other 3 brothers and their sister were thankfully, cross fingers, immune).

But the K brothers, as they are known, weren't the only ones to fall victim to this dreadful contagion:

Miranda Devine writing on the rapes perpetrated by the Australian-born and -raised, deracinated, 'Lebanese' Skaf brothers in Sydney in 2000:

"At the time of the rapes, the problems of Muslim integration in western societies wasn't well understood, but a year later came the September 11 terrorist attacks." (Survivor of total horror, Sunday Telegraph, 15/5/11)

It's obvious what's happened here, isn't it? The Skaf brothers, who had never even heard of Osama bin Laden, couldn't locate Pakistan, or even Lebanon for that matter, on a map of the world, and couldn't read a line of Arabic, let alone the Quran, if their lives depended on it, were nonetheless similarly struck down by the long arm of the same dreaded CSB virus, which, after then mutating into the even more dreaded ASB (actual suicide bomber) virus, made a bee line for New York with the terrible consequences of which we are today only too aware.

Thank God we've got Miranda to join the dots for us!

[* In my capacity as Middle East Reality Check, however, I should point out one slight flaw in Miranda's otherwise flawless analysis: in the 1980s Bin Laden wasn't plotting against the West, as Miranda has it. He was actually working for the CIA.]

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