Tuesday, May 24, 2011


"The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, had tried to play down a row with Barack Obama, saying the rift between the leaders had been exaggerated, after a dramatic exchange in the Oval Office [What exchange? Bibi berated. Bushama blissed out on his pheromones.] ... 'Israel wants peace. I want peace. What we all want is a peace that will be genuine, that will hold, that will endure', said Mr Netanyahu, addressing Mr Obama next to him but also an evening television audience in Israel. 'The only peace that will endure is one based on reality, on unshakable facts'." (Leaders say borders dispute is overblown, Wilson & Kornblut, Washington Post/Sydney Morning Herald, 23/5/11)

'Unshakable facts'? Of course, what Bibi meant was unshakable facts on the ground.


Anonymous said...

I can feel a political crisis coming on in the bandit state.Of course it will have nothing to do with the "peace process" to which all players will claim to support. However it will force "postponement" of the "process" just long enough to cripple it again and buy some more time.Election? did someone say election? Scandal? which one? Pantomine? Welcome to the hall of smoke and mirrors at Circus Israel.

Rob said...

What utter cowards the "main stream media" journalists are and I very much include the Australians,not one of them apparently asked Bibi-"when you say profound changes,demographic realities you are referring to the land Israel has stolen and the-by your count-650,000 illegal colonists squatting on that land".In fact I believe it is much worse than that,these morally bankrupt people-Counterpunch call them "Fawning Corporate Media"-deliberately do not broach the topic because the ongoing narrative is that it is the Palestinians who are blocking "peace".

Anonymous said...

The biggest problems in the world are those that define and seek to further segregate themselves based on ancestral beliefs. Moreover, nationalism is not a law of nature - it's an invention of the human mind. There is no such thing as American land, German land, Palestinian land, Israeli land, Aboriginal Australian land, ancient Egyptian land or any other magical boundary that gives the people who came out of a vagina on these lands any special rights. In many cases, their ancestors won land by war - an old war is no more respectable than modern war. Moreover, fanciful stories of prophets seeing miracles and suggesting prophecies of future greatness must not be respected as a law of nature either. Those who promote religious and national identity will always be wrong in any social debate - because society has defined an unpopular trait known as selfishness, which any segregative ideology can be defined by.