Monday, May 23, 2011

Labor Pot Calls Liberal Kettle Black

NSW Labor MLC Luke Foley is a vocal opponent of the NSW Greens' support for BDS, having attacked Greens senator-elect Lee Rhiannon, for her "high profile support in Australian politics of the BDS," which he branded "extremism." (Lee Rhiannon 'no victim of past', James Madden, The Australian, 28/4/11)

Presumably, as someone who opposes boycotting, divesting from and sanctioning the state of Israel, Foley subscribes to the key Zionist proposition that it is right and proper to establish and maintain in Palestine a nation where Jews reign supreme.

Imagine my surprise then to learn that Foley has come out swinging against Liberal MLC David Clarke, accusing him of being "a very right-wing character" who "cut his teeth running organisations in support of white supremacy in southern Africa." (NSW Govt 'pandering to far right': Opposition,, 19/5/11)


Mohammad Mossadegh's English spelling said...

Michael Rowland and Trioli on news breakfast interviewed the gyno Dr. Izzeldeen Abuelaish on ABC News Breakfast for some hasbara talking points.

I could not believe Trioli uttering "and Israel say and Israel is saying Hamas is hiding weapons in civilian housing.

Michael Roland did the "but how can there be peace when Hamas call for the destruction of Israel"

Is it Colin Rubenstein from AIJAC, he would have been sending them a thankyou hamper for his morning.


50 year truce offer folks, IRA political wing Sinn Fein equivalent folks.

I am talking to you Iran nuclear weapons TPs talking heads, Fullilove, Waleed Aly, Yelda Hakim.

They shot a Merkava tank shell into a 4 story apartment villa that looked like a place in Brighton Le Sands.

How are these muppets journos talking hasbara TPs. Disgusted.

Anonymous said...

Luke Foley has quite a mouth. I hadn't heard of him until he acted as class monitor for Israel on the ABC's state election coverage. The seat of Marrickville, and to a lesser extent Balmain, were his main preoccupations. He couldn't make an impression on my aunt's cushion. Is THAT what's called "the Left" of the ALP these days?

I bet Foley can't wait for Walt Secord to make his razzle dazzle entrance, unelected, into the NSW Upper House. Speculation that Secord leaked the Baghdad letter from Colonel Mike Kelly, then a serving officer, to Premier Bob Carr denouncing the moderate Hanan Ashrawi in 2003 hasn't harmed either Secord's or Kelly's standing at Labor head office. They could form Labor's Parachute Brigade, both parachuted, above party members, into parliamentary seats. Makes David Clarke look moderate, eh?