Saturday, May 7, 2011

Killer Letter

My, doesn't twice (2006 & 2008) rambammed* Sydney Morning Herald columnist Paul Sheehan get around:

"Paul Sheehan's criticism of the potential of sharia to be exploited as a tool for the repression of women is interesting in light of his travel article last November on Cambodia, in which he recommended Siem Reap's 'cheap flesh-pot options' and included 'one bar girl to provide a happy ending' for $US25 in a daily 'smorgasbord of experiences'. His attitude towards women is offensive, even more so when he hypocritically asserts that repression and sexual exploitation of women is reprehensible in the context of Islam but not in the prostitution and sex trafficking industries of south-east Asia." Clare Hodgson New Lambton (SMH, 6/5/11)

And here are the opening sentences of the steaming doo doo that prompted Clare Hodgson, bless her soul, to pen the above letter:

"Four is the number at the heart of the violent counter-reformation that confronts our Western values. Four is the number of wives the Koran says a man may have. No such latitude is afforded to women. Osama bin Laden, above all a man of the Koran, took his full quota of wives..." (Repressing women is sharia's raison d'etre, Paul Sheehan, SMH, 5/5/11)

[* See my 30/3/09 post I've been to Israel too]

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