Monday, July 11, 2011

BDS Update

NSW Police attacked a peaceful BDS protest outside the Israeli-owned Max Brenner* outlet in Parramatta, Sydney on June 9, arresting 2 and charging them with "hindering police." Their trials are set for July 13.

This violation of the basic human right to freedom of assembly went unreported in the ms media.

Victorian Police attacked another BDS protest outside a Max Brenner outlet in Melbourne's CBD on July 1, arresting 19 protesters, and charging 16 with "assaulting police, riotous behaviour, besetting premises and tresspass." (You can read the details at

This violation was reported only in the Herald Sun, where it was predictably labelled "an anti-Israel attack on a CBD chocolate shop."

Meanwhile, in South Australia, the Australian Friends of Palestine Association (AFOPA) group have staged their 42nd weekly protest against an Israeli Dead Sea minerals outlet (Seacret) in Adelaide's Myer Centre Mall.

This sustained protest has apparently received no press coverage whatever.

[*On Zionist pressure for police 'protection' of Israeli businesses against 'violent protesters', see my 27/6/11 post An Israeli-Occupied Mind; ** On Max Brenner, see my 12/7/09 post How Sweet It Is]

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Anonymous said...

Zionism is the ugly new State Religion of the "West".

All the hallmarks of a state religion demanding obedience, self delusion, founding myths, goodies, baddies, special laws, double standards, selective media and obsequious politicians, willing to flout international law in it's service, point to the power of the beast.

And that's just the short explanation.