Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Light Unto All Nations But One

Really, where would the world be these days without Israel. I mean, what do you see at every natural disaster?

That's right, brave Israeli rescue/medical personnel flocking in nanoseconds to the scene and singlehandedly turning the misery and mayhem into heartwarming photo-ops for the Middle East's only Caring State.

Apparently, no disaster is too small for a prompt Israeli response:

"SAO PAULO, BRAZIL: Stretched atop a mattress laid out in the living room of an upper-class home, Ariel [!] the lion was fast asleep yesterday as 4 people gently massaged his body. The 3-year old, 140kg lion is the focus of an internet campaign to raise money needed to treat the paralysis that struck him a year ago, depriving him of the use of his 4 legs. Veterinarian Livia Pereira and Ariel's owner, Raquel Borges, said the $10,700 needed every month to pay for Ariel's treatment came from donations from nearly 35,000 people who have clicked the 'like' button on Ariel's Facebook page. Dr Pereira, who is caring for Ariel at her home, said that the lion's white blood cells were attacking his healthy cells due to a degenerative disease affecting his medulla, a portion of the brain stem involved in motor functions... A team of Israeli veterinary neurologists recently gave the lion tests that the women hope will tell which degenerative disease is involved. The vets' trip to Brazil was paid for by Brazilian model Graziela Barrette." (Campaign helps paralysed lion, AP, The Australian, 15/7/11)

Thanks to those wonderful Israeli vets and their timely intervention, Ariel is sure to make a miraculous recovery.

Surprisingly (or maybe not), pulling a child out of the rubble in Haiti or treating a sick lion in Brazil seems to be a piece of cake for Israel, compared, that is, to treating those who live in its 'own' backyard. Like poor Ariel, Israel's capacity for medical intervention on behalf of Palestinians in dire need of same looks to be in a state of complete paraysis:

Israeli human rights group B'Tselem has just posted its list of "Palestinians who died following an infringement of the right to medical treatment in the Occupied Territories, 29/9/00 - 31/5/11." (

Eighty Palestinians, from babies to the quite elderly, are on that list.


Anonymous said...

Fine bunch of folks on this website! You are so jaded by hatred of anything Jewish/Israeli you can't even give credit for something positive. For your information, my daughter just returned from a semester in Israel as a nursing student. Every day Arabs came from all over the mideast to obtain treatment in Israel that is usually provided for free. And Israel is among the first at disasters around the world because they care, not for PR points. Too bad Arab oil wealth isn't similarly used for good.

MERC said...

A nursing student? Is that all? I thought she was destined for a Nobel Prize. Mmmm, free health care, even for Arabs! I like it! Please provide me with the details NOW! Shame I missed out on your daughter. Maybe next time.