Monday, July 18, 2011

Butt Out, Big Sister!

"The Anti-Defamation Commission has joined calls for former prime minister Kevin Rudd's sister to apologise over an anti-gay marriage remark. Loree Rudd is lobbying federal MPs and threatening to quit Labor if the party backs gay marriage at its national conference in December. The divorced nurse from the Sunshine Coast town of Nambour, who once trained as a nun, accused some Labor members of being brainwashed by a 'global gay Gestapo' this week. The ADC, Australia's peak Jewish human rights body, said she should apologise. 'It is completely unacceptable for anyone to co-opt and trivialise the name of one of the most active and feared arms of the Nazi machinery for their own political purposes', ADC chairman Anton Block said in a statement yesterday. 'The Gestapo was directly responsible for the murders of Jewish, Romani, homosexual and disabled people. To use its name in this context shows a level of ignorance and insensitivity that has no place in contemporary political discourse. It is highly offensive, and we call upon Ms Rudd to apologise immediately and unreservedly'." (Jews join censure of Rudd's sister, AAP, The Australian, 16/7/11)

That's right, Loree, we will determine who uses the Nazi analogy and the manner in which it's used.

For example, it's OK for your brother Kevin to sit in a Max Brenner outlet with Michael Danby and mutter darkly about "Jewish businesses" and "history" by way of smearing BDS campaigners. And ditto for Gerard Henderson trotting out Moseley's fascists and Andrew Bolt alluding to Kristallnacht when doing the same. (See my 12/7/11 post Smearing BDS)

Oh, and we liked this guy's use of the Nazi analogy so much, we even put it up on our website:

"Germans were inculcated with the belief that Jews were subhuman. They were vermin, rodents, lice, all objects of extermination. That was the logic and language of reference. The logos [reason] was eliminationist, and it appeared everywhere in society, in the theater, in music, in literature, in books and newspapers, in the sports arena, in schools and in the workplace. The logos was clear: Human beings were not being exterminated, vermin were. No less than 33% of the Palestinians questioned in a joint Hebrew University-Palestinian think tank poll, openly support the murder of the Fogel family, because, in mosques throughout the cities and villages of Palestinian residence, Jews are commonly referred to as sons and daughters of pigs and apes, because sport stadiums in Gaza and Ramallah are named after suicide/homicide bombers who tear life from the defenseless, and because Palestinians' theater performances celebrate the kidnapping and murder of Israeli teenagers. Because Jews are not human." (The logos of terrorism, Yechiel Leiter*,, 5/7/11)

[* "The writer has served as a senior adviser to PM Netanyahu and deputy director-general of the Education Ministry."]

So butt out, Loree, the copyright's ours.

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