Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Hate Supreme

The 'contribution' of Netanyahu adviser Yechiel Leiter featured in yesterday's post, the one about Palestinians channeling Nazis because Mullahs in mosques are messing their minds with mammalian metaphors about Jews, has got me thinking about Palestinian anti-Semitism.

I mean, face it, just because people calling themselves Jews invade your home, shoot up your family, and send what's left of it fleeing into the desert with bullets whizzing around their ears, is surely no reason for you to be anti-Semitic. Nor is having your orchards cut down or set alight by M-16-toting, kippa-wearing whackos claiming they're on a mission from Yahweh. Or being shot at and asphyxiated by their M-16-toting bodyguards every time you venture out to protest against the latest slabs of 8m high concrete slicing through your farmland and cutting off your water supply. Or being rocketed and shelled from land sea and air by killing machines sporting Stars of David.

No, nothing could be that simple. There has to be another explanation for Palestinian anti-Semitism. And the more I think about it, the more I think Leiter's letting the buggers off lightly.

You see, brainwashing really doesn't explain the beast within. Really now, as unpalatable as it is for me to have to say this, surely Palestinian anti-Semitism can only be, well, genetic. But, I hasten to add, don't trust my word on this terribly, terribly PC subject. No, credit must go to Israel's couch potatoes:

"The votes are in! Jewish TV viewers choose the Arab of their dreams. Circus Israel chats with Nabila Hatem.

CIRCUS ISRAEL: Nabila, tell us about yourself.

NABILA HATEM: Like I've been saying, I'm anti-semitic. It's really all there is to know about me. I'm basically just an anti-semitic young woman. I spend all my time being anti-semitic. Morning, noon and night. Sometimes, I forget to eat, and when someone tells me I might get sick, I yell at them - 'Can't you see I'm busy being anti-semitic?!' I don't like when anything interferes with my anti-semitism. I don't care about work, or having things or being healthy, and I don't care about my family or my community. I'm just anti-semitic. Sometimes I even wish my children would all go away, so I can use every second for my anti-semitism. All my friends feel the same way. We just don't care about anything except hating Jews. Why? Because. It's in the blood.

CIRCUS ISRAEL: So now you're Israel's dream Arab, what's next?

NABILA HATEM: I'll just keep trying to push Jews into the sea, I guess. What else would I do?

CIRCUS ISRAEL: Well, thanks for fulfilling our dreams.

NABILA HATEM: You're welcome. Death to the Jews." (Circus Israel talks with 'Dream Arab', circusisrael.blogspot.com, 8/2/08)

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