Friday, July 8, 2011

A Deafening Silence 2

Further to my earlier post of this title (6/7/11):

In a letter to yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald, Sandy Free of Carlingford wrote:

"I opened yesterday's edition of the Herald hoping to find a shocked and angry public reaction to the story aired on Four Corners on Monday about the genocide in Sri Lanka in the closing phase of their civil war. Instead of the lengthy articles and opinion pieces about the ethics of the live [cattle] export trade that were published in the days after the Four Corners report on that subject, there was 4 pieces on Sri Lanka... including 2 letters, and one had nothing to do with the genocide. What does it take for a highly regarded newspaper such as the Herald to publish something serious about this horrific event in recent history? Do Australians have to die? Do more than 100,000 people have to be killed? Do they have to be cute, moo and swish their tails?"

So what do we find in today's Herald? An editorial on... the federal government's lifting of the ban on live cattle exports to Indonesia! (Stunned by live export drama)

Does that answer your question, Sandy?

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