Thursday, May 24, 2012

Comedy... or Propaganda?

The following questions and answers are taken from a recent interview with the character Admiral General Aladeen, protagonist of Sacha Baron Cohen's film The Dictator.

The interview appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald's entertainment supplement, Metro, on May 11:

Is it true you were banned by the BBC after your Australian TV appearances?

"... All I wanted to do was use their airwaves to promote my anti-West and anti-Zionist platform."

Who are your idols when it comes to dictators?

"You have the great Saddam (Hussein), Muammar (Gaddafi)..."

You've won 3 Wadiyan Golden Globe awards as an actor. What are your favourite movies...?

"... I particularly love science fiction, particularly this film Schindler's List. I love it. It's so fantastical. Me and my friend Mahmoud Ahmadinejad see it and laugh..."

And what about peace in the Middle East?

"I look on Wikipedia and see that Israel is still in the present tense and it makes me very upset. My country is only 2000 miles... from Israel as the Scud flies."

How did you become leader?

"I rose to power in tragic circumstances. My mother died from strangulation during childbirth and my father was grenade intolerant. In the good old days of the gentlemen dictators, you simply had to murder your father but now you have to do sneaky things like rigging elections and imprisoning most of your citizens..." (Despot the difference, Jenny Cooney Carrillo)

Under the heading 'Genre', The Dictator is classified 'Comedy'. Zionist Propaganda would be more accurate.

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Anonymous said...

Nevertheless, this type of racist "humour" likely gives a more meaningful insight into the zionist Israeli mindset than they would otherwise like to be exposed.

MERC said...

Unfortunately, I doubt that that kind of insight will be the one viewers leave the cinema with.