Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nakba? What Nakba?

Hm... this bloke seems to have quite an interest in Sydney's Nakba Day rally and march, and matters pertaining thereto such as "the streets of Sydney." How very, very interesting:

"Vic Alhadeff, the CEO of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies told J-Wire: 'As Australians, we should not be importing overseas conflicts onto the streets of Sydney. But there is a tragedy today, and it is that when the Jewish world accepted the State of Israel as decreed by the UN 64 years ago, the Arab world did not do the same. If it had, we would be celebrating a state of Palestine today which was 64 years old, just as Israel is. Isn't it time we all moved on and explored ways to advance peace instead of dwelling on the past?" (Al-Naqba [sic] commemorative rally & march on, Henry Benjamin, 14/5/12)

Coming, as it does, from one whose every waking moment involves "importing" stuff and nonsense about a certain trigger-happy apartheid state into our legislatures, media outlets, and even schools, this comment is rich beyond a Lotto winner's wildest dreams.

For a start, is Alhadeff's comment not a clear cut case of Nakba denial?

Forget crime against humanity, ethnic cleansing and the wholesale theft of homes, lands and assets, Alhadeff can't even concede that what happened to the Palestinians in 1948-1949 was "a tragedy," so great would be the resulting cognitive dissonance.

Then we have something labelled "the Jewish world" - whatever that is - gratefully "accepting" what the Alhadeffs of the time - 1947 - arrogantly considered their birthright, namely, 56% of someone else's country!

And, although UN General Assembly resolutions, including the infamous resolution 181 which proposed in 1947 that 56% of Palestine become a 'Jewish' state, are only recommendations, for your Alhadeffs they're actually "decrees" from on high - unless, of course, if they call on Israel to do what it doesn't want to do, like GA resolution 194 which calls for the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes in 'Israel'.

Now since your Alhadeffs are so enamoured of that 64-year-old UN "decree" partitioning Palestine, you'd think that, even though the Palestinians didn't gratefully "accept" the White Man's Club in New York handing over most of their ancestral homeland to the Alhadeffs in 1947, the Alhadeffs would be only too happy to hand back 45% of Palestine/Israel for an 'Arab' state. But no, for all their talk about how hot resolution 181 was back in '47, well, 64 years on, the poor old dear's sort of lost her charm, know what I mean?

Finally, your Alhadeffs may well tell Palestinians to "move on" and stop "dwelling on the past," but just you try telling one of them to "move on" from the Holocaust, let alone the Kingdoms of David and Solomon, and your blood won't be worth bottling.


Anonymous said...

nice one sided rant, and how convenient that you choose to ignore the initial cause of the conflict.

The fact is, violence started on Jews when they were as little as a few percent of the community. Islamists wanted them subjugated or eradicated. Funny, they jump up and down and cry foul at the slightest whiff of what they think is bigotry over here in Australia, but how do you think they would feel if I told them to go back where they came from? Which is exactly what they want for the jewish diaspora in Isreal.

Some simple facts. It wasn't their land. Land is owned by whoever controls it. That happened to be the Europeans. Before that the Ottomans, so don't give me this crap about 'their' land. The entire world history is littered with conquest and switching allegiances and ownership. They don't have any big rallies denouncing the establishment of any of the other Arab states by European powers, just Israel, funny that. Actually, its not funny at all, its just plain hatred and bigotry because Jews reject Muhammad, and rightly so. What did he ever do for the Jews, except try to rule them?

Finally, when you start(and lose) 3 or more wars with your opponent, your bargaining power is somewhat reduced. What are you gonna do, threaten war again?

Get realistic, forget about eliminating Jews, focus on your own development and improving social values and equality in your societies, and maybe one day, you too can be as successful as the Jews.

But you're going to have to read a lot more than the Koran and Hadith for that. In fact, I suggest you bury them.

MERC said...

Thanks for your scholarly post, but, as one scholar to another, I shouldn't need to remind you of the importance of backing up what you say with a scholarly citation or two, right?

Would you mind, therefore, providing same for your assertion that "violence started on Jews when they were as little as a few percent of the community."

Also, so we're not at cross purposes here, you'll need to clarify what "community" and which "Jews" you're referring to.

I look forward to hearing from you on these vital matters.

Anonymous said...

Nothing scholarly going on at this site bud, just disinformation and more apologetics for barbarism. Nice how you don't address anything, because you can't without confirming my assertions.

MERC said...

You made the assertion. I ask nothing more than you back it up with hard facts. Now how hard is that, rosebud?