Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nakba Day Backlash 3

Streets of hate screamed the front page headline of the May 18 Australian Jewish News.

My trembling fingers turned the page, expecting a suitable follow up, such as Jack-booted pro-Palestinian storm troopers smash Jewish-owned shops in Sydney CBD, but found only Hezbollah flags fly at march. A bit of a let down that one, but on I pressed, my already bloodshot eyes scanning the opening paragraph:

"Pro-Palestinian protestors [sic] compared Israel to Hitler, waived Hezbollah flags and were joined by one of Australia's most infamous neo-Nazis when they marked Al-Nakba Day on Tuesday night. Less than 200 people turned out for the protest in the centre of Sydney; however, they forced NSW Police to stop traffic as they marched along George, Market, Pitt and King Streets."

OMG, all of that? They didn't?!

Afraid so, as the AJN's fearless reporter, Joshua Levi, went on to confirm:

"A female spokesperson at the rally quoted Hitler when she alleged that Israel is spreading lies about the Palestinians. 'Hitler said that the great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one and that is what Israel is doing'."

Good God! Doesn't she know that Israel alone decides who quotes Hitler and the manner in which he is quoted?

"[Patrick] Langosch also said he didn't have a problem with people waving Hezbollah flags, despite the fact it is considered a terrorist organisation by the Australian government."

A terrorist organisation? Young Joshua has obviously not read my 11/3/10 post Who's Afraid of Hezbollah?

"However, [Langosch] seemed to sing from a different tune..."

Er, I think that's 'hymn book', Josh.

"... when it came to one of Australia's most infamous neo-Nazis, Ross 'The Skull' May, who marched with the protest. 'Ross May was not there as part of our demonstration' [, said Langosch]. 'He was informed that he was not part of the demonstration and he was not welcome... because he is a known neo-Nazi'."

Ross 'The Skull' May? You're kidding me! You mean he's still alive? Or is this - like - an Elvis sighting?

OK, so he tags along? My God, even, such is their chutzpah, Zionists do that:

"Ruby Jacenko, a 22-year-old who was at the rally to show her support for Israel and reject claims by the marchers, said she didn't feel safe. 'I had two older men go out of their way to intimidate me so I stayed nice and close to the police', Jacenko said."

Ruby Jacenko? You're kidding me! You mean the proud bachelorette, lifestyle blogger and occasional drama queen who beats up on little sister, Roxy, drives a top-of-the-line Range Rover, sports a white gold Rolex and carries a Fendi bag?

Frankly, I'd be more worried about the two older men. Those Fendis can do some damage in a crowd  let me tell you!

Man! Ross and Ruby - separated by less than 200 people!  Who'd have thought? Can you see now why I sooo love the Australian Jewish News?

But there was more... The AJN is a gift that just keeps on giving. There was the AJN 's editorial, The oxygen of publicity.

"Rally organiser Patrick Langosch even thanked the police force for its intervention. 'The NSW Police have done more to get people to this demonstration then [sic] we could ever hope for', he told The AJN at the rally. But just in case the police didn't do enough to help them publicise their cause, NSW Supreme Court Justice Christine Adamson served up a little more assistance in her ruling."

Now let me get this straight. Someone - no names, no pack-drill - puts the plods up to this, but it's the plods and Justice Adamson who *cop* the criticism! That's chutzpah for you.

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