Monday, May 7, 2012

Nicolas Who?

"French President Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday accused Syria's Bashar al-Assad of seeking to 'wipe Homs from the map', comparing his campaign with the Libyan regime's attacks on the city of Benghazi." (Lying Assad wants to wipe Homs off map, says Sarkozy, AFP/The Australian, 20/4/12)

French wipe Sarkozy from the map.

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Anonymous said...

"To wipe off the map" seems to be an essential part of Zionese.

For an interesting article on the misuse of this hyperbole Google "Lost in Translation Ahmadinejad"

It seems Times columnist ,David Aaronovitch [how did he get a job like that] is a leading expert, in Zionese that is.

I can't believe this expression has common usage in Farsi or Arabic- only Zionese.