Friday, May 18, 2012

Nakba Day Backlash 2

Some hilarious Zionist sprays from comment threads at J-Wire. Enjoy:

Otto Waldmann says: "And thus a genuine naqba [sic] is hoisted upon the civilised, peaceful Sydney dwellers who never wanted to turn this normal place into the ruins that best define every place so called palestinians have set foot on. The self declared victims of destructive spirits, the ilk that sends their children into death simply to satisfy their blood thirsty hatred of Jews, the intollerant [sic], ilogical [sic] wreckers of our urban existential reason call upon notions of 'rights' and 'ethics' oblivious to the rules that govern a civilised society. Blind destructive mobs want the whole society to be turned into chaos because this is the only mode of existence they have acquired while traversing generations of murderers towards their universal purpose of kneeling the whole of humanity to their sick will. This democratic, civilised society did not object to the reasons for the mindless demonstrations but the manner in which it is to be planned!!! A very convincing proof (as we really needed more of it) that the spirit of naqba [sic] is what dominates the existence of these people. They have inflicted it upon themselves 64 years ago and now plan on perpetuating it in demonstartive [sic] ways upon Australians. A more selfish disrespect for this country cannot be fathomed!!!" (NSW Police object to a peak-time city pro-Palestinian march, 13/5/12)

I don't care what you say, you've gotta admire a guy who can put his name to something like that.

Sony says: "How dare our court system allow these people to march in our AUSTRALIA streets in support of these TERRORISTS and their BARBARIC BELIEFS AND PRACTICES... If they don't support peace or like our peaceful Aussie lifestyle, they should ALL be deported back to the very country they support. Our jails here in Australia are 85% full of these Muslim criminals, they offer nothing toward our country, communities and way of life and are nothing but a drain on our Social Security System, they are against the Jewish race of people that have the only civilised State in the Middle East, the Jewish state of ISRAEL that is riddled with Arab settlements throughout, the entire state of Israel is only about 8 hours drive North to south and 4 hours drive East to West. The Jews have offered so much to the world in Technology, Medicine, Science to mention just a few things, just google Noble [sic] Prize winners to see that the majority of awards have gone to Jews who are only 1.5% of world population. SHAME ON THESE IDIOTS WHO CONDEMN A BRILLIAN [sic] RACE OF PEOPLE!!!!"

Ary Markenstein says: "You are so right Sony." (They came, they spoke, they marched, 16/5/12)

Roll over, Einstein! Yes, Ary, if anyone deserves a Noble [sic] Prize, it's Sony, right?

Not to be outdone, Daily Telegraph opinion editor and blogger Tim Blair declares indignantly:

"In Australia we traditionally celebrate Nakba Day be sitting in traffic for hours thanks to stupid protesters whose Palestinian posing is supported by Justice Christine Adamson." (Hooray for Nakba Day, 15/5/12)

But there's more. So sharp-eyed is Timbo that he spies, in a photograph of the rally, a poster containing the words Shoot to Kill and IDF. His caption: "Check the sign urging that Israel Defence Forces be killed." (Nakba biscuits, 16/5/12)

Finally, this opening paragraph appeared in the Herald Sun, The West Australian, The Courier Mail and

"More than 100 pro-Palestinian protesters are marching through central Sydney, causing heavy traffic snarls." (15/5/12)

And fairies are cavorting with pixies at the bottom of my garden as I type.

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