Thursday, May 31, 2012

Selective Outrage

Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr on the Hula massacre:

"Australians have seen the bodies in Houla and they're appalled. Appalled that a regime could connive in or organise the execution, the killing, of men, women and children." (Australia joins action against Syrian envoys, Daniel Flitton & Judith Ireland, Sydney Morning Herald, 30/5/12)

Then Australian Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard on the Gaza massacre:

"Israel's air strikes were a response to an 'act of aggression' by Hamas which had broken the ceasefire. We are saying to Hamas that they should cease any further action." (A time for fighting, Jason Koutsoukis, Sydney Morning Herald, 29/12/08)

The Sydney Morning Herald's editorialist has no doubt who's responsible for the Hula massacre:

"It is reasonably clear that Houla was subjected to a two-hour bombardment by the Syrian army on Friday. Then armed gangs of the Shabiha, or 'ghost militia', were turned loose, carrying out their slaughter with knives and small arms." (Assad's calculated, brutal bet on the world's indifference, 30/5/12)

But can't quite make up his mind - Palestine/Israel is sooo confusing! - when it comes to the Gaza massacre:

"The deaths of almost 300 people and wounding of some 600 so far have drawn understandable criticism that the military response is disproportionate. The UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon - a staunch critic of Hamas's rocket attacks - has reminded Israel it remains bound to uphold international humanitarian and human rights law. Israel's response - that civilians are being used as human shields for Hamas's terrorist infrastructure - has merit." (Israel, Gaza & Huntington, 30/12/08)

And, just for laughs, Peter Hartcher, SMH international editor on Saudi Arabia & Qatar's undying love for the people of Syria (especially those with beards and guns):

"The furious governments of some of [Asad's] Sunni neighbours, like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are taking more direct action, funnelling money and arms to the rebels." (Angry move will have little effect, 30/5/12)

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