Monday, February 22, 2016

Ideas? What Ideas?


"[Howard] Jacobson is a novelist of ideas. Shylock is My Name ponders why Jews aren't at home in nature, why the People of the Word prefer order to disorder, why Jews have a kosher frame of mind even without a kosher kitchen, why the stereotype of the masturbating Jew persists, why reading the Guardian newspaper makes an enraged Manchester man a Zionist..." (From Louise Adler's review - The villain's response to Shakespeare - of Howard Jacobson's Shylock is My Name, Sydney Morning Herald, 20/2/16)

How can anybody take this Howard Z Jacobson bloke seriously? This is the Guardian of C.P. Z Scott who introduced Chaim Z Weizmann to David Z Lloyd George, co-daddy with M'Lord Z Balfour of the bloody Balfour Z Declaration, and is today run by Jonathan Z Freedland, who has given the keys of the shop to the likes of Hadley Z Freeman, Nick Z Cohen and Rafael Z Behr etc. Seriously, Howard, what's not to like about the Guardian?

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