Sunday, February 14, 2016

Off to Israel with Him!

Strewth, just how long has this bloke been in the party? Talk about loose lips:

"The new head of the NSW union movement will criticise federal Labor for following Malcolm Turnbull's push to make Australia a 'start-up nation,' in a speech to the ALP's state conference on Saturday. 'Start-ups often pay much less than established companies [...] getting a mortgage is harder [and they] don't always offer decent employment rights,' Mark Morey, the new secretary of Unions NSW, will say in a speech to the state Labor conference on Saturday." ('Start-up nation' can mean a raw deal for workers: Unions NSW boss Mark Morey, James Robertson, Sydney Morning Herald, 12/2/16)

But, Mark, Labor's not just blindly following M' Lord Turnbull here.

It's acting out of its own DNA, mate. As a Zionist party, the ALP cannot help but lap up and regurgitate anything that comes out of Israel. It used to be the kibbutz, but that's sooo yesterday. Now that we're all agile, innovative, neo-liberal go-getters, it's Upstart Nation.

As Zionist elder Mark Leibler once put it:

"Bill Shorten embodies the traditional core values of the Labor Party, and his solid support for Israel reflects that." (See my 21/10/13 post Danby to Keep Young Bill on Straight & Narrow.)

Mark, mate, zip it! Don't go there! Workers be buggered! It's Israel, mate! Israel!

Remember what they did to Tanya (Once was Warrior) Plibersek?  Not a pretty picture these days, eh?

Mark, I'm telling you, utter one word against Upstart Nation and they'll have you marked down... for a right rambamming.

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