Thursday, February 4, 2016

Such Tender Concern

And the (drum)beat(up) goes on...

Murdoch's Australian is sooo worried about Israel NSW Labor:

"As a former national president of the ALP, Warren Mundine is correct to suggest it is NSW Labor that will suffer from its anti-Israel escapade. Israel is the only vibrant democracy in the Middle East; it can look after itself. But, as Mr Mundine says, NSW Labor risks becoming a fringe party." (Editorial: Labor's anti-Israel obsession, 3/2/16)

Now we know why the paper calls itself 'The Heart of the Nation'.

A letter to the Australian from dingaling John Bell, Heidelberg Heights, Vic:

"When a party luminary such as Warren Mundine is sickened by the move and says it has a political agenda verging on anti-Semitism..." (3/2/16)

So even if your twice-rambammed "party luminary" jumps ship for Tony Abbott, who famously characterised the British invasion and colonisation of Aboriginal Australia as "a form of foreign investment by the British Government,"* he's not a rat but a "party luminary"?

OK... So what does that make Ben Chifley?

BTW, have you noticed the form taken by the anti-Semitism smear these days? How no one in the Labor Party who supports Palestinian rights is called an anti-Semite directly? That's reserved for people outside the Labor Party. Inside, they're always accused of "verging on anti-Semitism," or "supporting an anti-Semitic agenda." Neat, eh?

[*Tone's words were: "I guess our country owes its existence to a form of foreign investment by the British Government in the then unsettled Great South Land."]


Vacy said...

The colonial assimilation policy of the First Peoples has worked a treat on Mundine.

Grappler said...

"Israel is the only vibrant democracy in the Middle East"

So how does a "vibrant democracy" differ from a democracy?

Clearly Tunisia is not "vibrant".

MaliceInWonderland said...

@ Grappler. Given that the adjective vibrant can also mean "quivering" or "shaky", perhaps he was implying Israel's democracy was in a state of palsy? *grin*